Our Approach

Our Approach

We connect employers with high quality opportunity pipelines. These candidates have a track record of high retention and increased engagement. Our comprehensive approach provides career advancement opportunities for all participants involved. Learn more about how we do this below

Our partner companies have a track record of expanded candidate pools and increased employee retention, while improving diversity, employee engagement, and internal culture.

Learning & Assessment

Levelset begins each engagement with a tailored assessment of each partnering company to measure opportunities for impact and improvement.  This helps us establish a baseline and set of goals for implementing fair chance practices that align with the organizational needs and priorities.  

HR Policy & Practice

We partner with human resources, talent acquisition, and legal/compliance leaders to review and revise the internal policies that create unnecessary barriers for qualified candidates. This includes areas such as job postings, applications, interviews, background checks, secondary reviews, and onboarding/orientation practices. Levelset helps discern specific strengths and areas for improvement and makes recommendations and revisions based on company goals.

Coaching & Training

We collaborate with executive teams and managers to ensure staff are prepared to lead successful fair chance initiatives. This includes internal communications and workshops with staff, knowledge-building on perceptions and realities of past convictions and an awareness of the collateral consequences of reentry and community supervision. We work with cohorts of managers who will supervise and lead fair chance work and help build cultures that prioritize community leadership and inclusivity.

Recruitment + Retention

We develop talent pipelines of qualified candidates in collaboration with vetted community-based organization and local reentry partners. Recruitment strategies are designed to identify and access candidates with the skills and motivation to be successful, and work with partners to ensure readiness and ongoing stability for employees. Levelset also collaborates with leadership teams to consider creative retention strategies, including benefits and incentives that encourage advancement and long-term career development.  

Communication & Influence

We collaborate with executive, communications, and community relations teams to promote and disseminate fair chance practices. This includes developing case studies, press releases, FAQ’s for communications staff and media engagement strategies. We also work with companies to use their platform to inform and influence vendors, industry associations, and peer companies, as well as participate in policy and advocacy.

Measurement + Growth

We assess the outcomes of pilots and policy changes to encourage continuous learning and adaptation of fair chance practices. We look across the company at areas for replication and growth of successful practices and help companies build long-term plans to employ fair chance hiring as part of their company-wide talent strategies.

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